Thursday, 4 October 2012

Conditions Apply

Voice 1: Ye sure t'is is the pebble in your head that ye wish to be erased?
Voice 2: Yes, me has written that there. Yes, me has. Me doesn't want to remember that anymore, me doesn't.
Voice 1: Well then, here we goes. five secon's to freedom.
Clock ticks
Voice 1: Haloo voice 2, wilcom back! don't freak, no don't.
The Machine blips: Your memory is updated with the requested customisations
Voice 2: Me feels bad, really bad. Bad about something that I don't remember!

The Machine blips:
Conditions Apply: Erase Inc does not take any responsibility for the residue left due to the erased memory. Thank you for using our service. We wish to see you again!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Stealing cookies from the Grandma's kitchen,
Hiding in the attic feeding kitten

Jumping roofs and spraying colours,
Keeping in the book, the peacock feathers

Running in the wild on a mission,
Fierce the look, with the Bamboo weapon

Fighting in the mud, writing on a slate
Lying on the ground and watching the sky,
I slept.

I wake up.....
and look around,
Where have all the sparrows gone?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The tale of familiar strangers by an oxymoron

Greeting across the invisible wall,
Putting an attempt to make it fall.

Exchanging looks, acknowledging presence,
All set for a rendezvous, the air and the ambiance.

Wandering minds with virtual smile,
Displaying it though once in a while.

The ice melts and the river flows,
The Dawn  beckons and the beacon glows.

A moment comes with the fertile cocoon,
If not broken, it will die soon!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Curse and The Cruise

For the voice which sings the mad song
For the mind that keeps all the things wrong

Put me in a box, I will still breathe
Take me to the wild, I won't seethe

Addicted to living and high on it
Things around me, a deliberate misfit

Mysteries of the world about to unfold
But the ones within will remain untold

Friday, 18 May 2012

Crazy, Beautiful

Walking through the invisible Labyrinth
Flying across Cliche and the Myth

Killing the tiny preset notions
Giving the voice to the hidden emotions

Throwing it back to the wilderness
In pursuit of happiness

No questions to be asked
And no air to be cleared

For the feelings that are embrayonic
Living along in a space that is platonic

On a journey to an unknown destination,
After an unconcious procrastination!

                                                 (Photography: Nitin Maslekar)

Monday, 30 April 2012


In the land of Fantasy
On a high with Ecstasy

Walking down the wild park
Nothing to be seen in the pitch dark

Thorns on the ground cut through the flesh
Bugs around smell the wound which is fresh

In Ignorance but not in bliss
Sliding down to the abyss

Edge of the cliff and about to succumb
Nothing to feel and comfortably numb

Then comes a place of bivalence
And the clock showing the time of balance

Breathing through the air that is sickening
Opening eyes to witness the awakening

With a tunnel on the bend
On a long road without the end
With many flavors to blend
And a few bruises to mend

The first few steps on the perennial road
Flying in the skies on a different mode

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Smokes from the Silhouette

The times that I spend alone are scary
Ghosts from the past keep me wary

Like a shadow which follows the light
The vast emptiness always in the sight

With an experience, what once was unthinkable
Everything ever, seems all dysfunctional

Left in shambles and with travesty
All that you get, for your honesty

No more sunshine in the park
The white sky turns pitch dark

With a spine of Integrity that never flips
Sooner I discover, it was just an eclipse

Moving forward is the only way
Surprises await at the mystery bay

The brightness within, has got no poverty
Happiness is not a restricted property!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Endings and Beginnings

When it's time to say good bye,
It always seems it was Yesterday
When you said Hello to a stranger
Then you smiled and welcomed the stranger into your life

There were conversations, and the things you did together.
You crossed paths, you made memories together.
But paths are paths, sometimes you cross and come together
and sometimes you drift away.

When that happens, you say "Goodbye"
it seems just so yesterday!!

It seems yesterday, that I moved into my dorm in Germany.
Then everything came together. I had and still have good mates in
Jonas and Maxim. The ones I already said "Goodbye" are Seba (Short for Sebastian)
and Yin. (Seba went back to Argentina and Yin got a job in Kassel)
It was these people who made me feel home in a foreign country.

When I will move out,
I might miss the days when Seba would invent a new food or a drink
or when Yin used his diving glasses to avoid tears while cutting onions.
I might miss the dinners and breakfast with Janine,Benni, and Saumya.
I might miss my cricket mates.
I might miss the late-night coffee breaks.
I might miss little get-together with Indian folks here.
(I might also miss the "desi-spiderman" dance these folks do together)
I might miss Kunchiwalas.
I might miss once in a while meet-up with my language partner or visit to the Arheidts.
I might miss my room, my cycle and the kitchen.
I might miss the city, it's people or places.
I might miss lot many things in Germany.

Or I might not!

I do not know what will I be actually missing when I move out. But one thing I realised, when Kelly (from Hong-Kong) just made an entry to the room, which was Seba's till recently.

Well, that's how it is. No body owns nothing. Space, time or Objects.
At any given time, we are just part of an interaction.
Every moment is a survivor among countless possibilities.
Some we like, some we don't. Some we think we may miss, some we actually do.

Change is certain. With every moment that ends, comes the next moment with countless possibilities.

No matter how sweet or bitter past has been, I like to discover what's in store next.
With memories from past, looking at a promising future, I live.
I live in now.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A travelogue: Carnival weekend in Venice

The Plan:

It was Wednesday evening, when thoughts of the weekend came into the lonely soul of mine. To be honest, I was tired of being tied inside the four walls of my room. I needed to breathe some fresh air and I needed to see some light .

Then I went online and discovered an inexpensive last minute offer to Venice for the Carnival weekend. I pinged Sai and Nilesha and to my surprise, both said "yes". On Thursday I booked the tickets and on the Friday evening we were on our way to Venice!

The Journey:
It was  a long journey, with many breaks. The travel operator had chosen the longer way via Stuttgart, Munich and Innsbruck (Austria) to fit in more passengers.