Thursday, 4 October 2012

Conditions Apply

Voice 1: Ye sure t'is is the pebble in your head that ye wish to be erased?
Voice 2: Yes, me has written that there. Yes, me has. Me doesn't want to remember that anymore, me doesn't.
Voice 1: Well then, here we goes. five secon's to freedom.
Clock ticks
Voice 1: Haloo voice 2, wilcom back! don't freak, no don't.
The Machine blips: Your memory is updated with the requested customisations
Voice 2: Me feels bad, really bad. Bad about something that I don't remember!

The Machine blips:
Conditions Apply: Erase Inc does not take any responsibility for the residue left due to the erased memory. Thank you for using our service. We wish to see you again!

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