Thursday, 13 June 2013


The first few miles of the journey to nowhere flew past as an encounter with a fellow wanderer.
"Hello stranger" had said a familiar voice with an unfamiliar face.

The conversations encompassed everything, as the mountains, lakes and grass lands seemed to run through the windows of the old train.

Time flew past obeying Einsteins laws.
Then came the woody old station.

Who once seemed an eternal company in the journey got ready to leave.
I asked, "you said you were a wanderer too, why don't you continue the journey".
The reply was swift, "I was a wanderer, till I found the path to move on"

Lost in thought, I couldn't even see the face again as the "stranger" left.
I asked, "If I'm a wanderer would it even matter whether I take the train or follow the stranger?"
My heart was about to answer. There was a chain to be pulled.... or "not"....

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