Monday, 16 January 2012

The tale of my four seasons (continued..)

I had written "The tale of my four seasons" last year looking back at the previous seasons then.
Here is the one I had written last year..

The tale of my four seasons

Caught on crossroads there I was,
Fighting for my unknown cause.
I refused to get into destiny's claws,
No I said, to the lot of draws.

'Knew I had to carry a ton,
Even for li'l things, I had to run.
An eventful year had thus begun,
Leaving along a battle to be won.

When the spirits were about to be dampened,
Unexpected fruits ripened and
The gates to the future opened.
I entered the unknown territory

Making my own theory
Faced a change of atmosphere,
Everything was, new and queer.
The experiences were nasty
and the food wasn't even tasty

Within no time, lost all the audacity,
Was left with traces of tenacity.
I took my time to get into the groove,
Only then, it began to improve.

As I mixed with different people,
Happiness found me like an ocean's ripple.
As I saw the year unfold,
Learnt new stuff, forgot the old,

Made the little statements which were so bold,
No matter what, 'am going for the gold.
Here I am, drenched in the monsoon rain,
Walking down the memory lane.

Caught on crossroads there I was,
Now I look back, what an year it was!!

Couple of weeks into new year, I felt like giving the many things happened over the past 52 weeks a form.
So here it goes..

The tale of my four seasons (continued..)

No sooner did I shed my leaves,
Spring said “Welcome please!”
Late in the night between the moon and the star,
With the closed eyes found the strings of my guitar.

The summer came along with a home coming,
and the summer sunset with the disguised feeling.
Every good bye was hard to say,
Couldn’t find enough ways to convey.

With the clock ticking, it felt why so soon?
Tears were hidden in the rains of monsoon.
Back to summer, had the lessons of geography.
Learnt new things from a different demography.

Autumn came in and the clouds took over.
Darker it went everyday, sour and sober.
With more than a glance at the pitch dark abyss,
Started the journey again to the bliss.

Winter was cold and the moves were bold,
Sure of my gold, even as the adversity rolled.
For the year which saw many ideas burnt,
Was also the year of toughest lessons I have learnt.

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