Monday, 14 November 2011

Lost pages from an unwritten diary

Saw across the continents
The people and their sentiments

Planted a seed and saw it grow,
Sat outside and enjoyed the show.

A fool I was, who thought it was a play,
Me was there, in there, to my dismay.

They say,
It isn't over untill it's over
I ask,
When did it begin, for it to be over?!

World looks so good untill I see the mirror
I look so promising untill I see the world

With every turn, the questions arise
They come, they stay, they vaporise.

Tiny bubbles breakout as they rise,
Only to make me more and more wise.

My theories get swept by a sweet zephyr
I feel the warmth in the winter air.

Just when I thought I lost myself,
I find the compass to find my way back.

~ Pruthvi Manjunatha

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