Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The "Getting Organized" Project

I have been a highly disorganized person for most of my life. I never thought I would be "busy enough" to have an organized life. That was what I thought; organized life was necessity of only people like Bill Gates or Obama. I seemed to be content with finding the clothes I wanted to wear out of huge mess I made up in my room or finding that important piece of note I had made within the huge pile of books. I was losing out on time and opportunities many times, but never bothered to pin down to the cause of it all and correct it.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a Masters student from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay doing thesis work at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. I have lost important notes, sometimes clothes and sometimes even more valuable things like opportunities because of my disorganized way of living. It doesn't matter whether you are billionaire business man or just another guy making his living in peanuts, you are human, your time is limited and too precious to be wasted. Welcome to my new project: "The Getting Organized Project".

Reasons and Reasons:
As I have written earlier, I have always found myself reasons to stay disorganized. The silliest one being "It is so easy to locate anything I want, I just dig into the big pile and magic! I get what I want in my hand in seconds!"

In actual, it is just inertia. I am just resistant to change, so are many of you :P.
It isn't easy to switch to something new when you are doing something opposite for many years.

If something is itching you, you have figure out two things:
What to do and How to do?

I have found the answer to the first question as this project.
Now the difficult part, the part where it actual demands action.
"How to do?"

I have a ten step to do list,
There are two parts of it again here:
Hard and Soft.

Hard ones are simpler:
1.Cleaning up the living area and maintaining it. I will clean up the room ASAP and will report after a while, just to check on the maintenance part.
2. I mostly bring too much groceries and vegetables. I want to keep track of my monthly grocery requirement.
3. Related to 2, I like cooking but I usually run out of things I want even though there is excess of things I would not be wanting at that time. Hence the need to have tentative cooking plans through the week.
4. Like 3, I usually do not have clothes I want to wear at the time I want to wear them. Need a better laundry scheduling.
5. Related to 2 and 3. Over past few months, my health has severely gone down. Would like to keep track of nutrition and stuff.

Soft Ones:
6. I am doing a collaborative project which involves two premiere institutes of India and Germany. All my files are here and there. I never bothered to organize them so that I could grab any file anytime. File sorting is on high priority in this list.
7. I have a big literature collection in my field of study. But it usually takes me half an hour to track down to the paper I want to read. Would like to build a catalog thingy for my personal library of papers.
8. I like making movies and I have a stock of media related to that. Same applies as in 7 for the collection of my films, music and sounds.
9. Putting stuff mentioned in 2 to 5 on cloud
10. Apart from my project work, I want to cook, play cricket for CLK, learn languages, hopefully take up a part-time job if my language gets any better. I have 24 hrs a day, just like everyone else. I would like to make up schedule so that I have time for all these stuff to do.
I had many lousy days lying in bed doing nothing till sun hit the top at the noon. Confusion of spontaneity with disorganized living is over. My "piled up" days are coming to an end.

I can't wait to get to the day when I get up, see my schedule not worrying about forgetting something to do, make the breakfast without worrying about what is available and what's not, get ready and wear what I want to wear on that day and step into those shoes knowing what I am going to do the whole day and rotate my wrist to see my watch and say "Monday 9am, here I come!"

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