Saturday, 12 November 2011

Why I started blogging?

To be honest, blogging has been slogging for me. After couple of unsuccessful attempts to write a blog, I decided to hold back because I was not sure, whether I could suffice with the content and the frequency of the posts.
Also, writing in English would mean, a test of my vocabulary and soundness in usage of phrases and expressions. Although I have done most of schooling and university education in English, I've never been totally comfortable with it.

So, Why write a blog now?

  • I love the art of putting the thoughts in words and surely would like to share those thoughts. A blog would be one of the medium for it.
  • I've been more of a thinker and dreamer, I see the time ripe to shift from thinking to doing.
  • Delaying in what you want to do can harm your intentions badly, the same applies to my start with blogging.
  • I actually have many things to write about now! I live in a foreign soil, I travel, I like to cook, and life isn't as  monotonous as it was during my previous unsuccessful attempts, so I have wide range of topics to address about.
  • I like myself when I am spontaneous and I do not mind making mistakes. (if I am learning from them ;) ) The whole effort of this blog would be to keep the thought factory running and bringing it as it is on paper.
  • I believe, I have an audience now. Considerable people who I meet and greet on the regular walks of life have been listening and reading my stuff, when I know of my audience and sure that I am not speaking to the air, I can concentrate and write better.

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