Saturday, 12 November 2011

What is this blog all about?

Thoughts into words: Any piece of writing which does that.
My experiences in Germany and else where.
Things I always wanted to know, but forgot to look it up.
How to cook Indian food for survival.
(a.k.a Beginners guide to cooking by a dummy)
Cinema and me
Any other things of interest

This blog is primarily a product of  me being a social being (hence the name earthling) and the fruitful interactions I've had with people I've met, came to know or influenced me.

The people without whom this would not be what it is:
Bharath Kumar Hegde, who approved the first of my stories and managed it to get published in college, a brilliant writer himself, he likes cycling a lot.
Karthik Kamanna, classmate and friend encouraging me throughout, he blogs, he travels and he clicks.
Maxim Stein, a fellow dreamer, composer, he likes Indian food.
Amulya Arun Kumar, (#blast from the past, #power of conversation) old classmate and a blogger herself.
Yvonne Arheidt a German in Mysore, (#kulturexchange) and
All the people who have inspired me in one way or the other.

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