Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sambar (for 3 servings)

Oil 4tbsp
Coriander 2tbsp
Curry leaves 2tbsp
Sambar Powder 4tbsp
Turmeric 1tbsp
Mustard seeds 1tbsp
Jeera 1tbsp
Chana Dal
Onion 2nos
Garlic 1/4th piece
Ginger 2gm
(or garlic-ginger paste)
green or red chillies
Vegetables: Tomato,Beans,Carrot, Potato, Heerekai, any other suitable ones.
Kadle (gram)
Coconut powder
Chili powder

If mixer is available make a sambar mix of coconut powder+chilli powder+ginger-garlic paste+kadle+chillies+salt. Boil dal and vegetables and keep it aside.

Put oil on the preheated pan, add mustard and jeera and fry.
Add chopped onions+curry and fry till golden brown, add turmeric.
Add sambar mix+sambar powder. 

*If mixer is not available, add {coconut powder+sambar powder+ginger-garlic paste}

Put the boiled dal and vegetables into the pan.
Add salt according to taste, and water to maintain consistency.
Keep it in low flame for 15 min.
Put Coriander leaves on top.

Sambar is ready!

The recipes updated on this blog are a combination of knowledge from the elder generation and author's own innovation. Use the recipes at your own risk.

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